Second Life-Daily

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+ Mid Calf Boots
+ Neoprene Fabric upper
+ 2.5mm Leather layers Platform
+ Black Wax Rope
+ Black Aniline Pig Leather Lining
+ Black Aniline Pig Leather Insole
+ Italy Vegetable Tan Leather Outsole
+ Laser Etched Outsole Logo
+ Made In Taiwan
+ 12.5cm Wood Black Heel
+ Original Price: 700 USD
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The vast majority of its unsold inventory is "Mount Everest's Problems" for fashion. Inspired by " Second Life Toys, which is an ad for organ donation in Japan, we try to reuse every part of unsold inventory. In some cases, dead stocks that are damaged, defective, or cannot be sold for other reasons could regenerate as a new product with quality, beauty, and reuse.

The burning shoes connect the lifeless dunes and the peeling model, which reflects the dead inventory situation. Through the prosperous newborn fields and turning everything into a new life, which idea taken from the burning of the twigs after harvesting crops in the fields becomes Nutrients for the earth, re-sow new life, and all have a chance to regain a second life.

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