WXY is a Taiwan-based, genderless, and seasonless footwear label established in 2011 by designer Xin-Yu Weng. The name WXY is derived from the sex-determination system (XX/XY sex chromosomes) and the first 24 asexual chromosome-WXY endemic species, symbolizing the opening of a new unisex era. (The second level of WXY is the acronym name of the designer.)

WXY is born under the concept of” Reverence for life ” which expresses gratitude to the creator for all the natural resources on the planet. The brand uses daily materials in footwear construction methods to create a unique aesthetic vision. The ideas for each collection are rooted in simple, everyday concepts inspired by various global problems and concerns about the environment and society.

WXY wishes to be a recorder of the world and society, striving to reflect social issues through its designs and vision, as we all have our own compass in mind, it will always direct us to where we want to. The brand is like a land without rules and control. a land without borders or boundaries. a land where anything is possible. Where we go from there is a choice I leave to. people to embrace their individuality and identity, regardless of gender or other societal norms.

Who will you be?

Not XX or XY, but WXY.

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